Beyond the Bump Part III: Hot Mess Mom

I don't think any parent is truly prepared for a child to enter their world. It feels as a shock even though you know it's coming. I've said before that I was ready for my son's grand entrance. I was ready in the sense of what a normal birth story would look like. I would [...]

I forget I always have a #mcm

Here I am being basic as fuck with a #mcm post. This won't be a typical cute candid photo with an adorable status labeled at the bottom with a million hashtags for more likes. This is me forgetting I have a husband. Now, now. Trust me, I know I have a husband. Just hear me [...]

Beyond the Bump Part II: The Explosion

"Nobody wakes up thinking, "my world will explode today. My world will change." Nobody thinks that. But sometimes it happens. Sometimes we wake up. We face our fears, we take them by the hand, and we stand there...waiting, hoping, ready, for anything." -Meredith Grey  [13.24] Meredith was right. No one wakes up thinking their world [...]

Top Things Not To Say To Your Cell Phone Sales Representative

I've been working in the cellular industry for about four years now. Which feels like forever. I enjoy learning about the newest smartphones, tablets, wearable, etc. I'm an accessory hoarder too. I have about a thousand different cases for each phone I get. At this rate, I've probably had fifteen phones in the past three [...]