Where your real friends at?

Sorry I’ve been MIA. The exhaustion of motherhood work life is real, among everything else going on in my life.

In my short time of barely blogging anything, I’ve been doing some soul searching. Some friend searching I guess you could say. I can’t help it, but I must quote Drake in this instance.

“Fuck a fake friend, where your real friends at?”

Friend is the one word I’ve been thinking about over and over again.

That one word can honestly mean so many different things. You have your close friends, best friends, BFFS, work friends, the people that were friends, friends with benefits etc. Whatever, you get the picture. We all have people in our life for a reason. Some are for good, some unfortunately don’t end up that way. In girl world it’s hard enough dealing with catty bitches and trying to find out who is fake or real anymore. In mom world, it’s even worse. Having a baby is like the plague to the rest. It’s all 50 shades of fucked up.

I’d personally like to say thank you to the friends that we have labeled as “ride or die”. You’re the real warrior, the real MVP. If you can honestly be there no matter, give tough love when it’s needed and promise to always be their person. GO YOU. You guys are few and far between. A lot of you do not exist. It doesn’t matter if you have been there from the start or just recently became friends. If you can sit there and honestly know you are a good friend to someone and not a complete shit bag, you deserve a damn cookie.

I guess I don’t understand those friendships that we take for granted or just simply are convenience friends. What’s the fucking point? Don’t waste someone’s time. I am  unfortunately too forgiving and let these people back in without thinking twice. It’s one of my best and worst qualities. I hope for the best in people and get let down all too often.

Tell me shitty friend, what is your motive?

We get hurt and bent out of shape so easily when it comes to friends. They are suppose to be the people that we go to when we’re having issues with everyone else in this world. A friends betrayal can eat you up. I guess this is why I honestly hate everyone at first. Assuming the worst in people is easier than hoping for the best. (I’m awful, I know) Recent events prove this to always be true it seems.

Before I get too out of control for the evening, I’ll stop my ranting and continue some other posts.

If you are a good friend, keep on trucking on. If you’re pile, GTFO.





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