I forget I always have a #mcm

Here I am being basic as fuck with a #mcm post. This won’t be a typical cute candid photo with an adorable status labeled at the bottom with a million hashtags for more likes. This is me forgetting I have a husband.

Now, now. Trust me, I know I have a husband. Just hear me out.

As females, the world gives us labels. We also give ourselves labels. Mom, boss, stay at home mom, skinny, powerful, strong, fat, wife, lazy, Wonder Woman, weak etc. Not all these labels are kind and some of these labels get pushed to the side.


My standard three from my blog if you couldn’t tell. Wife may come first in this list, but it’s always last on my mind. First thing in the morning, it’s MOM. I rush around to get the baby fed and ready before he is dropped off at my moms house. Next is BOSS. I spend the next nine hours working and try to make my money’s worth. By the time I get home, WIFE is the last thing on my mind. I’m exhausted. I walk in the door eager to see my son, I walk past my husband forgetting to kiss him. I look around the room and find the stupidest thing to be mad about. Not the “Hey babe” he was looking for.


A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away it was not like this. I wasn’t looking for a relationship in the slightest when I met Robert. To be honest, I knew him in high school and hated his guts. Comical right? I thought he was this awful human and come to find out I was VERY wrong. We fell in love so easily. All relationships should be this good. We understood one another’s awkwardness and respected each other. Like any other couple, we had our issues, but always made it out to the other side. I don’t know how many people told us we were that disgustingly happy couple. I mean, its true. We saw one another in the best of light, always. He was my biggest cheerleader and my reason to always be my best. It was not this dramatic tv show love story. It was just happiness. We were so in love and knew we wanted to be together.

You don’t think about what happens after marriage. It just happens. Your life grows and things don’t always go as planned. In the shuffle of going from engaged to married to parents, I forgot he was still here. He was still my husband and I was still his wife. Those titles don’t just vanish once you have a child. You’re a team.

So here I am. Saying I see you husband. I may not always acknowledge what you do, but I can see it all. I’m grateful for the days you still remind me to kiss you when I run through the door, the late night dinners you always cook for us, the days when you just know I’m over worked and overwhelmed and you just tell me to lay on your chest. I see what you do for me. For our family. I swear I’m still trying to be labeled as wife along with my many other titles. Your title will always be husband, along with #mancrushmonday.





One thought on “I forget I always have a #mcm

  1. So honest and too true. My husband always tells me I am number one. I feel badly that I can’t say it back but ultimately all the things that come first are prioritized so I can make our life better together!


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