TECH TUESDAY- Preparation when buying a new phone

When I first started this blog I knew the premise of it was going to be about the working mom life, I had so many ideas! Tech Tuesday being one of them, considering what my job entails. A decent of amount of customers arrive VERY unprepared. So here a simple list on things that you should know/have/ready for your trip to purchase a new device.

1.) Make sure you have a valid photo ID/Know the passcode/Make sure you are an authorized user. I feel like this should be common knowledge to have your ID on you. I mean, who leaves the house without it? I can not stress how important this is. We need to be able to verify that its YOUR account. Do you want some street rat purchasing 5 iPhones on your account and you be stuck with the bill? I’m willing to bet you don’t! So save the hassle of fighting with us since we are protecting your information. Bring your damn ID or make sure the account holder puts your name on the account.

2.) Back up your iCloud/Google account at home. This can take awhile when you have 8,000 photos of your dog and or dick pics on your phone. Some yourself and us some time and do it the night before.

3.) Make sure your phone is working. There are two different reasons why this may be needed. If you plan on trading your phone in on an installment plan, most companies will not take a broken device. Do an insurance claim before hand or plan on paying off the device. Second reason is for transferring your stuff over if you did not have any back up services on. We can try our best to get information over, but phones don’t always play nice.

4.) Make sure you know what your Apple ID/Gmail username and password is. NOTHING drives me more insane then this. We do not know everything. We do not save your passwords in our data base. This knowledge is on YOU. We can assist you in resetting it if need be, but yet again this is more wasted time by not knowing something you set up.

5.) Know what phone you want. Do you really want to fuck around in the store for an hour just trying to decide what phone you want. If you’re an Apple user, stick with apple. Vice versa for your android operated phone. Understand if you do make the switch to a different phone ALL companies charge a restock fee of roughly $45. DO NOT bitch and complain to your rep because you didn’t like the phone color or wanted that Samsung instead. It’s foolish and rude. All phones in this day in age all do the same thing. Yes, there are some awesome features that vary from device to device, but all of them call, text and surface the web. That will never change.

6.) Come with the understanding that you will most likely need money for SOMETHING. Not all things in life are free. If you are coming in to purchase a new device do you really want to leave with it unprotected? I don’t want to hear the bullshit that you like the feel of it without a case. You’re stupid. You’re not going to like the feel when there is pieces of glass sticking into your fingers. Show up with money and plan on protecting your device. For all you know there might be something we have in stock that would be perfect for your lifestyle!

7.) HAVE PATIENCE WITH US. Sometimes we get busy or we are short staffed. This is not our fault and we are doing our best to assist all customers to the best of our ability. We are probably helping people who did not read this life and is taking up all of your time. Please be kind, sometimes the odds aren’t in our favor.




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