I feel like a pack mule.

I’m willing to bet you have in the past you have planned a small weekend get away to either go see family, site see or to simply be alone from the rest of the world. Think of the bag you packed when you went on this trip. What did you bring? A few outfits, the hygiene essentials, and a few must have items. You get the picture.

Now try doing the same, but with a one year old you must now pack for. OH MY GOD. It’s like we’re moving away. This kid has more crap than I know what to do with. We are going to my mother in law’s house in Connecticut, even though its a short drive and visit from Maine she doesn’t have the things needed for Oliver. Of course, being the over prepared mother I am, I started packing a few days ago. Mentally going over what he will need and just silently screaming as I think “oh fuck, he’s going to need this too.” Just packing his food is a nightmare. He’s going through the “I don’t like anything” phase at the moment. In turn, I’ve packed an over abundance of baby food (since he still hates the big boy food) just in case he decides to be a jerk.

Moving on to the toys. MY GOD THE TOYS. Like I said, my mother in law doesn’t have toys at her house. This means yet again, packing more shit I probably don’t need. I can’t get over the feeling that if I don’t pack these certain items he may need that he will lose his mind while we are miles away from the rest of his toys at home.

Meanwhile, as I know I need to pack my stuff, Oliver’s stuff, make sure my husband packs his, and make sure the house isn’t in chaos for me to come back to, I’m wondering where in the world I am going to have time for this. This brings us full circle to being the working mom while balancing everything else in life out. I’ve packed what I could of Oliver’s bag, but being at work until eight o clock tonight means a whole night of rushing around. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know eight o’clock doesn’t sound like a bad time to get home to some of you, but when you’re an exhausted mama that still needs to have dinner, give the baby a bath, pack her bag, pack her husbands (let’s be honest he doesn’t know how to pack) and then actually sleep after the house is cleaned up. At some point I will also have to load up my car with this ten million pounds of crap. BY MYSELF. Hubby will be at work, so I can’t blame him for not helping. Here’s where I’m rambling on because just thinking about what I need to accomplish is exhausting me. Going on this trip also means I will be away from my store for a whole three days. Half of me is “YASSSSS!” then other half is “what the fuck is going to go wrong while I’m not there!?”

Being a mom boss means wiping asses at home and at work. Pulling the extra weight when necessary. Yet again, feeling like a pack mule for everything that rests on my shoulders. I’ll end this here before I start losing my mind and continue to wipe some asses at work.

Until next time.




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