Breaking The Ice

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I’m Krystle. You probably are wondering why in the world am I jumping on the band wagon with starting a blog. Well, this isn’t my first rodeo. I did blog on many sites such as Tumblr, live journal, etc. Along with keeping journals throughout the years. So here I am. Again.

Like any other human, I have my thoughts and opinions. Mostly they seem to focus on the balancing act of being the best mom I can be and keep my store afloat. I work in the cellular business as a sales manager. Some days as much as I want to just clerk it. I can’t. My paycheck is going to be based on what is or isn’t sold. Once I leave work my mind is STILL there. Mentally, I’m always concerned with what’s going on at the store. It’s fucking annoying. I can’t just clock out and be done with it. Even when I’m home snuggling my precious boy I’m worried. When I’m at work and I happen to strike up conversation about my child I ALWAYS get the “Oh, you’re working and he’s at home. Stinks you can’t be part time or be a stay at home mom.”


This is why I’m here typing away on my laptop. I want you to see what my life looks like. It’s the most glorious and heart aching task. I don’t want the “I’m sorry” or the eye rolls of how my life is. It’s raw, full of poopy diapers and lots of “oh fuck”.

Keep reading if you want to see my side of being a working mom, being in a commisson job and swearing an ungodly amount.



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