Cloudy with a chance of “What the fuck”

My mind is clouded 24/7. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing. I just know that in-between of pumping myself with Aroma Joe's Rushes and Oliver's nap time, I must try and keep this human alive, somewhat happy and manage to find my own life. Yes, I know. I proudly wear the [...]

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

I've been missing recently from my blog. I've been plotting and planning what my most recent post would be, along with also trying to find time to actually type it out without my 18 month old slamming his two cents in on my keyboard. I had made it half way through a decent post with [...]

Forgiveness is a powerful thing

I have no shame in saying I've been bitter and sad for the past month. I've slowly made changes to fix this. I left the toxic work environment where no employee was valued, I've set plans in place to work on making healthy fitness choices, but one thing isn't the easiest. It needs to be [...]

What it really feels like..

Nothing can prepare you for the emptiness or for the feeling of being broken. I'm not just talking about physically either. Mentally and emotionally broken. I don't care how many times someone tells me I'm not broken, because I am. My heart is broken. This is the fall out. It's constant waves. It's like nothing [...]

“He Who Must Not Be Named” of the Pregnancy World

I remember the first time I told my soon to be husband I was pregnant. I was scared and nervous to tell him this 6 days before we got married in September of 2015. I remember my emergency c section for my son. Christmas Eve of 2016, I remember telling my husband I was pregnant [...]

Mom Memory

"Funny, isn't it? The way memory works. The things you can't quite remember, and the things you can never forget."  -Meredith Grey I like starting my posts with a quote from my favorite fictional character, Meredith Grey. She's my spirit animal. I relate everything to Grey's like it's my life, but let's be honest,  I'm [...]